Saturday, December 29, 2012

Intel Disappoints

Intel to Offer Nine Types of Haswell Processors in Four Types of Packages - X-bit labs
Intel Haswell possibly delayed till June 2013
Just what Windows 8 needs to finish failing. First of all Haswell will probably not do anything to help the Windows 8 tablet situation. At 10W TDP (at best) it will make for either bad battery life or a heavy tablet.
Only the lowest end chip will work on tablets. Nothing Intel makes is competitive with Samsung's Exynos 5250. Intel even stooped so low as to brag about Clover Trail beating (barely) a Tegra 3. The problem for Intel is that a Tegra 3 is about half the performance of a Exynos 5250, and the even better 5400 will likely ship in quantity in 1Q13.

Haswell potentially will make very nice Ultrabooks, but June? Windows 8 will have been declared dead long before then. It's like the whole PC Industry has a death wish.

As yet, I've seen no pricing for Haswell, but I doubt it will be positive news.

Intel losing focus?
Intel’s Cable TV Service And Set Top Box Will Soon Roll Out City By City | TechCrunch
Apple and Intel Rumored to Team up for Smartwatch in 2013
New Intel Patent Aims To Protect Both Gamers And Their Surroundings - Forbes

A moment of silence for Intel employees: Intel Goes with Windows 8
(Actually they are only doing this for ultrabooks and tablets.)

I am writing this from my brand new Samsung Exynos 5250-based Chromebook; it is about the size and weight of the 11" Macbook Air; it only costs $249; it has a 6.5 hour battery life; it has no FAN! I am not only writing this, but it is playing the BBC's Friday night comedy in the background... earlier I was listening to a TV show, while reading news on various sites.  The point here this Chromebook proves its possible to make a reasonable laptop for much cheaper than the current ultrabook prices, all you have to do is dump Intel and Microsoft.

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