Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goodbye, Microsoft. You had a good run.

Ignoring the numerous "Microsoft is failing" stories out there right now:

Microsoft has failed
If Microsoft Failed, Would Anyone Care?
How iOS & Android Are Murdering Microsoft
Microsoft's Future Looks Grim
Microsoft's domino effect: Poor PC sales could unravel company
Microsoft Is Disappearing Before Our Very Eyes

The stories below (in aggregate) do a better job of showing that Microsoft truly is failing. Most of these stories are about Microsoft acting desperate and failing to see reality.

Microsoft acting desperate.

Microsoft's #DroidRage Anti-Android Twitter Campaign Backfires
Microsoft attacks Google with “Scroogled” campaign
Microsoft says 40 million Windows 8 licenses sold in 1st month; doubts about system linger
Microsoft Is Writing Checks to Fill Out Its App Store
Microsoft Cheapens Windows 8 with Ads

Microsoft failing to see reality.

Advice To Microsoft: Slash the Surface Price By 33%
Ballmer says Windows 8 users ‘get it, and like it’
Sales down, Microsoft raises prices radically
How Microsoft can save Windows and maintain its iron grip over IT

This next one quotes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer saying Windows 8 would have 100,000 apps within 90 days (of October 26th) and found on 400 million devices by next summer.

Microsoft: 100,000 Windows 8 Apps Coming

These next two are a whole new take on the old joke, "We're losing money on every unit, but we can make it up in volume".

Sales of Microsoft Surface tablets flop in the US
Rumor: Microsoft preparing three new Surface tablets for 2013 release

Finally, one really has to question Microsoft's competence.  First, they force tablet features, on all their users, including servers.  Then they do not even manage to make even a slight dent in tablet space:
WinTel tablet paradigm stalls

Of course, it is possible that they can turn things around, but if they cannot see their own problems, how will they manage to do that?

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